April 7, 2021

Gervais discusses COPA direction on Flying BC podcast


COPA Regional Director Warwick Patterson recently caught up with COPA CEO, Christine Gervais, for Episode 19 of his Flying BC podcast. The show kicks off with Christine taking listeners through her aviation journey, and goes on to discuss her first months at the helm of COPA, the challenges and opportunities COPA faces, and why it’s important to be involved with COPA and building the next generation of aviators. There are also new staff and faces at COPA, so Christine sheds some light into what COPA has up its sleeve for the future.

“People don’t necessarily know that this doesn’t have to be a career,” says Gervais, about the aviation world. “This can be something that is a fantastic add-on to your life.”

The Flying BC podcast features pilot stories and aviation adventures from across the country, with recent guests including former Snowbirds leader Scratch Mitchell; Dave Hadfield discussing warbird flying; and a chat about electric aircraft with Harbour Air’s Greg MacDougall. The show can be found on all podcast players and at www.flyingbc.com.

Listen to Flying BC Episode 19 with Christine Gervais.