September 21, 2017

General Aviation Safety Campaign (GASC) Gets A Helping Hand


This week at the NBAA offices in Washington DC, COPA and Transport Canada met with FAA and American industry officials to learn from our southern neighbours about a program they have had for many years called the General Aviation Joint Steering Committee (GAJSC).  Following a quick introduction at Oshkosh this summer, the FAA graciously offered to share their approach, their know-how and wealth of information gathered over the years.

During the two-day meeting this week, TC and COPA poured over the processes and documents touching all aspects of the American program. “This allows us to jump-start the GASC in a way we could not have thought possible.” said Bernard Gervais, President of COPA. “Aviation safety issues regarding general aviation are quite similar all over the world and we can use this knowledge towards improving safety and developing risk reduction efforts in our GASC” said Heather Schacker, Program Manager, Safety Promotion and Education at Transport Canada.

The General Aviation Safety Campaign (GASC)  was launched back in June in Kelowna during the COPA Convention. It is a joint program between Transport Canada and the GA community to promote flying safely.

Those attending the meeting in the accompanying photo are, from left:  David Oord (AOPA); Pierre Ruel (TC); Kate Fraser (FAA); Heather Schacker (TC); Bernard Gervais (COPA); Carter Mann (COPA)