August 23, 2023

Gathering of the classics in Edenvale

Jon Robinson

— By Gus and Clara Corujo

Renowned as Canada’s largest Classic Aircraft and Classic Car event, the 32nd annual Edenvale Gathering of the Classics, hosted by the Edenvale Classic Aircraft Foundation (ECAF), originally planned for Saturday, August 12, shifted to its rain day on Sunday, August 13.

The event truly lived up to its reputation this year as Canada’s largest classic aircraft and classic car gathering. A captivating array of biplanes, Second World War trainers, homebuilt aircraft, helicopters, vintage automobiles, motorcycles, classic aircraft, military vehicles, as well as helicopter and airplane rides, enchanted the attendees.

The Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association from Tillsonburg, Ontario, proudly showcased two of its remarkable aircraft. Meanwhile, the Edenvale Classic Aircraft Foundation’s expansive collection of aviation memorabilia was on display, connecting with those who share an abiding interest in the aircraft of yesteryears.

The festivities were enriched by an array of food vendors, diverse displays, engaging children’s activities, and much more – all thoughtfully orchestrated to entertain attendees of all ages. Moreover, the Canadian Air and Space Conservancy exhibited the AVRO Arrow replica, adding to the charm of the occasion and ensuring a memorable experience for all who attended.