January 23, 2020

GA Traffic Increasing


In an article released late last week in their newsletter The Daily, Statistics Canada reported that, overall, air traffic movements at airports not manned by Nav Canada personnel (either as ATC or Flight Services) increased in September of 2019 by 3.1 percent compared to 2018.

An aircraft movement is defined as a takeoff, a landing or a simulated approach by an aircraft.

StatsCan also reported that 10 airports accounted for 39.5 percent of that month’s activities: Peterborough, Ont. (CYPG) with 4,401; Drummondville, Que. (CSC3) with 3,324; and Trois-Rivières, Que. (CYRQ) with 3,038 movements were the top three.

Airports with the largest increases were Drummondville, (+ 1.179 movements), Collingwood, Ont. (CNY3, + 886) and Tillsonburg, Ont. (CYTB, + 401). The airport reporting the largest decline was Peterborough, Ont. (CYPQ, – 929).

StatsCan obtains data for these airport statistics from airport and carrier personnel, members of flying clubs and employees of various levels of government at airports without control towers or flight service stations across Canada.

Other aircraft movement statistics can be found at this StatsCan website.