August 30, 2018

Freedom to Fly Fund at Work: Mascouche


The Mascouche/Les Moulins airport (SK3) has been struggling to stay alive for most of the last decade, whether at its ‘pre-consultation, TC-approved site’ or its ‘post-consultation, TC-approved site’. The last claims are related to provincial environmental standards. This could be happening anywhere around the country.

Back in February 2018, we reported a successful outcome in Quebec Superior Court, where the Honourable Martin Castonguay dismissed the case. Not surprisingly, the decision has been appealed and the case is before the Court of Appeal of Quebec.

COPA has applied for leave to intervene in this case as ‘a friend of the court’ and present a memorandum to the court. We wish to highlight the fact that the application of federal aeronautical law cannot be shared with local authorities and can only remain under federal control. We are glad to report that the Honourable G. Marcotte has granted our request on the basis that COPA “…could bring a Canada-wide perspective on the issues in this appeal, likely helping this Court in resolving this debate…”

As THE association preserving the Canadian freedom to fly, it is our responsibility to make sure we build on the cases and decisions we have won in previous instances., and that we don’t lose any ground we have gained. It is of the utmost importance that we have our voice heard in the judiciary process, especially now to try and avoid going once again to the next level, the Supreme Court of Canada.

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