July 16, 2020

Free RPAS Ground School with Drone Purchase


Canada has some of the strictest drone regulations in the developed world, having introduced an entirely new section, Part IX, to the Canadian Aviation Regulations on June 1, 2019. Drone ground school courses are on offer across the country. Coastal Drone Co, a company that offers drone operator training, has announced they’ve partnered with Best Buy Canada, entitling purchasers of eligible drones from the national electronics retailer to a free RPAS Ground School – Basic Operations course.

Operators of a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) in Canada that falls into the weight category of 250 grams up to and including 25 kilograms are legally obliged to obtain a Pilot Certificate – Basic Operations. Drones in this category must also be registered with Transport Canada. The certification exam can be done online after paying a $10 fee. Given the relatively complex nature of the regulations, many find it difficult to pass the test on the first or even second attempt. Holders of a private pilot licence, or higher, may find passing the test easier, but still may want to avail themselves to the course, which normally costs $95.

An RPAS Pilot Certificate – Basic Operations allows the holder to operate 250-g to 25-kg drones in uncontrolled airspace, more than 30 metres from bystanders and never over bystanders. And there are many more rules.

Those who wish to fly drones that exceed these restrictions must obtain a Pilot Certificate – Advanced Operations (and possibly a Special Flight Operations Certificate). In addition to another written exam, a practical flight test, administered by a TC-authorized examiner, must also be passed. Coastal Drone Co also offers a ground school for the Pilot Certificate – Advanced Operations for $599.

Coastal Drone Co co-founder and Operations Director is COPA board member Kate Klassen (British Columbia and Yukon).

Check out Coastal Drone Co’s and Best Buy Canada’s websites for more details.

Image credit: Coastal Drone Co