Prix du président 2020

Présenté une personne, entreprise, organisation ou agence gouvernementale qui a démontré un soutien exceptionnel pour la sécurité, l’éducation ou le développement de notre communauté aéronautique.


“For embodying the future of aviation in Canada”

From then COPA President, Bernard Gervais: He resurrected COPA Flight 8, he’s been a key player in the NextGen movement. He lives, breathes everything aviation. He’s been a strong supporter of the staff and board members in the younger generation. He’s participated in just about everything COPA has done. Congratulations Cameron for everything you’re doing and that you’ve done, and that you will do in the coming years.

From the awards administrator, Brian Pound: Cameron was not only nominated by the President but also by his own staff and one of the Ontario directors, obviously a great pick for our President’s Award.