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Northern Himalayan Cafe

North Bay Airport
50 Terminal St #1
North Bay, Ontario P1B 8G2
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Northern Himalayan Café started with the passion of two women for food and connections through food. “We are what we eat”, so we believe that food is an energy which needs to be handled with compassion and respect so as to transfer love and peace. We serve fresh and healthy Nepalese and Canadian food all made from scratch without use of preservatives and aiming for zero wastage. We collaborate with many women entrepreneurs to showcase their products, providing a platform for their skills.

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  1. Wasn’t flying, but rather driving up with coworkers as the buzz surrounding this food is making waves in the community. Good serving size, and excellent flavors. Would return again. And if anyone is flying from North Bay, or into North Bay – you are encouraged to stop and eat here.

  2. I absolutely LOVE the atmosphere, feeling, and the AMAZING food/beverages at the Northern Himalayan Restaurant. The owners and staff are a breath of fresh air in their love of what they do, how they prepare and offer food and how they make you feel. The venue is top notch and a refreshing change from the city venues. We are blessed to have such a fine establishment grace our airport for not only the travelling public but local citizens. I HIGHLY recommend a visit to this fantastic establishment and recommend they take the award for top Airport Restaurant.