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Ma Baker's (Old Grams) at the Airport

Dawson Creek Regional Airport
80 Vic Turner Airport Road
Dawson Creek, British Columbia V1G 0G1
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It all started in Vancouver Island where my mom and I ran a restaurant in the Comox Valley. Our mission was to provide a restaurant with large home-cooked portions at a good price. We ran it for years until mom passed away and the restaurant was sold. After a decade away from the business, I realised that having a restaurant was what I always wanted and what my mom trained me for so I purchased the airport restaurant in Dawson Creek. It is my plan to transition from “Old Grams” to the name “Ma Bakers” to honour my mom whose last name was Baker as well as the most amazing baker and person I have ever known.

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  1. Nina is an amazing cook and baker. It’s not only in her blood but part of her name. She learned from the best, her mom, and will continue to serve delicious homemade food making her Mom and all of us proud.

  2. I’ve always loved this family and their dedication to good home cooked food. The restaurant in Comox was my saving grace during my pregnancy . I’m so happy that the tradition has continued. Dawson Creek is so lucky to have this restaurant and I hope that the people of this town frequent Ma Baker’s and support the owner in full filling her dream. Bon apetit!

  3. Not only do I personally know and love the owner of this awesome place, the food is exceptional! Fresh, homemade, big portions, great price, and of course icing on the cake of anywhere you want to choose to eat the service is welcoming and wonderful!
    I come all the way from Hudsons Hope for this place!

  4. Your Mom won a well deserved award for her successful restaurant and I can see one in your future as well! Good luck, Nina (Ma Bakers)!
    You’ve worked so long and hard to get to this point in your life! It can only get better from here!