In recognition of your personal contribution, passion and commitment to aviation in your community.

2020 Merit Award Recipients:

Jeremy Dann, NS

Among his contributions, Jeremy is captain of the Bluenose Flying Club and host of the Fly Nova Scotia Facebook page. He started flying back in the 70s as an air cadet and currently flies a Rans S-7 on floats. He is even currently building a hangar. Thanks, Jeremy, for all the work you do in the Maritimes.

Marc Quidoz, QC

He’s said to be at the airport nearly every day, he is making the Quebec general aviation community grow. This 4400-hour pilot has done great work and is very helpful to the people in his neighborhood. He really accepts the challenges of aviation.

Guillaume Narbonne, QC

He has been working with the local resistance but is currently expanding to Saint-Cuthbert aerodrome. He will be a great addition to that local aviation community. The directors from Quebec are very pleased nominate him for this award.

Laura Matheson, ON

Laura went to great lengths to make sure the members of her local Flight were recognized. This Vice-President of COPA Flight 8 at the Rockcliffe Airport was nominated for the merit award by two COPA directors. The members of her club are appreciative of her leadership skills and for keeping the club growing.

Terry Mortimer, ON

Terry grew up with his father flying a Cessna 310 and was instrumental in resurrecting COPA Flight 66 and is now their Flight captain. He flies an RV-6 with GoPros attached and is a huge supporter of the COPA for Kids program. The work he does is greatly appreciated.

Innisfail Flying Club, AB

If anyone was at the COPA AGM in Innisfail last year, you understand the total commitment that this flying club, as well as the town, made to make this event a success. The large improvements to their facilities at the airport and the enthusiasm of the membership was just amazing. The weather didn’t seem to cooperate but that didn’t seem to dampen their spirits and they managed to power through all that and provide us with an enjoyable gathering and all the board members were appreciative of the outstanding work that Innisfail did for us that year.

Warwick Patterson, BC

He is a talented photographer, is a passionate aviator and often the first to volunteer. An avid supporter and a voice of reason in the British Columbia General Aviation Association and the local drone association as well. He calls Squamish home and is the man behind the Flying BC podcast and website, a true leader in his area.

Tom Heise, BC

Tom is President of the Aero Club of BC, COPA Flight 16, at the Pitt Meadows airport. They hosted the Board in the 2019 Board meeting in BC and it is evident why Tom is deserving of an award. They host the BCGA, the BC 99s, the IMC club, provide the Avgas at the airport and even have a club plane for their members. Many of these endeavours and many others have been under the leadership of Tom and the many hours he has dedicated to the Aero Club, COPA and the sister organization of BC in the lower mainland. He was nominated by past director Tim Cole for his dedication, leadership and personal commitment that he has given to the aviation community of British Columbia.

Paul Harris, BC

A designated flight examiner and class 1 flight instructor within the lower mainland of BC. He has been recognized by others as an excellent instructor and a champion of aviation safety. He is currently mainly concerned with training flight instructors and if you want to get your PPL, you are advised to find a Paul Harris prodigy and you’ll get a proper training.

Rick O’Neill, NL

Over the past number of years, we have observed Rick’s generous contribution of time and resources to COPA, CASARA, and the Air Cadet familiarization flight program. Regardless of what he is asked to do, or when, he is always there with unfailing enthusiasm and support.