Thank you for your efforts in supporting our Canadian Freedom to Fly.

2020 Appreciation Award Recipients:

Bell Island, Newfoundland

COPA Flight 97 out of St. John’s worked with the town of Wabana along with the local fire department and the Bell Island aerodrome to organize the “Bell Island-bound Fun for All Ages Day”. This partnership allowed COPA Flight 97 to promote and share general aviation with the public, to inspire people of all ages about aviation and to generate interest in the rewarding careers that are available in aviation. Like always, it was just another fine day in Newfoundland.

South Shore Regional Airport (CYAU)

An amazing story of grassroots aviation at its best, with many of the flying club’s members who are not even pilots. These volunteers have donated their time and materials to refurbish the run-down clubhouse, clear brush and trees, hold several fundraisers within the town and at the airport. This is not an easy task as this beautiful 4000 ft asphalt runway is remotely located several miles out of town and has been neglected for years. The local remote control pilot’s club was also there as a valued partner and helped the refurbish team. They worked hard, they were smart about it and went to town council and got a hold of their MLA, their member of parliament, the media and got everyone involved to share what they saw as a vision for the airport.

COPA Flight 52 –Trois-Rivières, QC

2019 was a busy year for COPA Flight 52. They had a fly-in that included a tourist historic tour of the city. This is a great way to get the spouses involved in a non-aviation-related activity while still enjoying the joy of flight.

Nicole Wardstrom, BC

She is the president of the Langley Aero Club, COPA Flight 175. She gets her flying roots from her parents and is currently working hard towards her commercial pilot’s license. While being a club member for several years, she has in a short time in her new role as the leader, brought fresh enthusiasm, new ideas and new members to the group. This young woman is to be commended for her dedication, hard work, and the leadership that she has provided.

Horst Romani, BC

Many local members think that Horst is very deserving of this nomination. Among other things he is the organizer of the Aero Club of BC’s COPA for Kids program. He is an ardent COPA supporter and is one of the guys they can rely on for support around the aviation community.

Janine Cross, BC

She has been a volunteer for ten years with the Air Time Canada program that encourages and mentors a few hundred young people to become interested in aviation. Her numerous articles in the COPA Flight magazine are geared towards getting spouses to go along on flights and experience the adventure and the magic that is possible through general aviation. These contributions have encouraged several young women to become pilots.