April 22, 2021

FlightAware Introduces SkyAware Anywhere


FlightAware, describes as the largest global provider of flight information and proprietor of the world’s largest Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) network, announced SkyAware Anywhere, a free software that provides a fused view of an individual’s various ADS-B receivers.

The technology, explains FlightAware, provides users with a secure, raw view of everything their ADS-B receivers are seeing in real-time on one map, from anywhere they have an internet connection.

FlightAware operates a worldwide network of ADS-B and Mode S receivers that track ADS-B or Mode S equipped aircraft flying around the globe. FlightAware offers PiAware, ​describes as a do-it-yourself ADS-B receiver that can be built with a Raspberry Pi for under US$99, and the FlightFeeder, a free, prebuilt ADS-B receiver for hosts located in areas needing additional coverage.

SkyAware Anywhere is free for all FlightAware ADS-B hosts, explains the company, and compatible with all FlightAware devices including PiAware and FlightFeeders. There is no additional hardware, software, or update required for those with existing FlightAware ADS-B receivers.

(Photo: FlightAware)