December 19, 2019

Flight-testing uAvionix tailBeacon X


COPA recently sought the interest of aircraft owners to participate in an ADS-B test program where uAvionix plans on testing their tailBeacon X (1090ES ADS-B OUT) in Canada on non-certificated aircraft. We quickly garnered in excess of 200 expressions of interest in this regard. Some of the interested owners have justifiably inquired about the status of this planned testing.

When we shared these numbers with uAvionix, they were overwhelmed with the level of interest. uAvionix is currently in the process of finalizing the details of their planned testing and have informed COPA that they will themselves carry out the selection of those who will be invited to participate in their tailBeacon X testing in Canada. To this effect, COPA has shared all such expressions of interest with uAvionix. We understand that uAvionix will contact the selected candidates directly to finalize some agreement with these selected owners.

At this point, COPA does not have any further information on the progress of this project. We thank all who expressed interest in the program and anticipate that uAvionix will inform us of their status in the near future.

Image above is of uAvionix’s tailBeacon, the American 978 UAT device. tailBeacon X will have both upward- and downward-facing antennae. Image credit: uAvionix