December 8, 2016

First Canadian Delivery of DA42


First Canadian Delivery of DA42


The photograph below a smiling Martin Pollmueller (left) takes delivery, at St-Hubert Airport in Quebec, of the first Canadian DA42 from Solly Capua, president of Canadian Diamond Aircraft Sales.


“It’s a considerable move up from my former Cherokee 180,” Pollmueller said, “but a logical move for me. I intend to use it for business as well as pleasure and decided that the DA42’s Certified Known Icing and twin turbo diesels provide me the dispatch reliability I require.

“As for the pure pleasure of it… nothing compares to flying a new airplane, with the recent design composites like Diamond and the incredible array of pilot-supporting avionics in the G1000 glass cockpit, including Active Traffic, Wx Satellite Data Link, Stormscope and TAWS-B terrain.”

Pollmueller said his instructor, current Global Express and former F/A-18A Hornet fighter pilot also accompanied him on the four-day Diamond factory training program in London, Ont.

“He was very impressed”, Pollmueller said. “My instructor calls the DA42 a ‘systems machine.’ With systems management playing an increasing part of piloting skills, he points to the proficiency gained in the DA42 Glass cockpit integrated navigation/engine systems as making the step-up to a jet much easier and more straightforward.”

Notwithstanding the latest systems, it’s very much a pilot’s airplane, Pollmueller said. “And while very easy to fly, I find it still requires stick and rudder skills, but with no bad habits. Airspeed is good, and if anything understated by the literature, as I am routinely seeing 176kts at 13,000 feet.”

On a more conservative note, Pollmueller admits to being pleasantly surprised at insurance rates.

With no multi or retract time I wondered if insurance might be a hurdle, however, the Canadian broker displayed a pro-active interest and willingness to be the first to insure my DA42. They provided a very reasonable quote and even took the time to test fly the aircraft.”