October 14, 2020

FAA Issues AD Affecting High-Wing Cessnas


The U.S. aviation regulator has issued a new Airworthiness Directive that affects numerous high-wing Cessna piston singles.

The AD, which takes effect on November 12, was prompted by reports of cracks in the lower area of the forward cabin doorpost bulkhead. The purpose of the AD is to detect and address any cracking of the wing strut attach point.

Affected models include some 172Ns and Qs, all 172Ps, all 172RGs, some R172Ks, all 182Es thru 182Rs, all T182s, some R182s and TR182s, all 206s, all P206s and P206As thru P206Es, all TP206As thru TP206Es, all U206s thru U206Gs, all TU206As thru TU206Gs, all 207s, 207As, T207s and T207As, all 210-5s and 5As, all 210Bs thru 210Fs and all T210Fs.

Also affected are numerous France-built versions of the above models (model designations that are preceded with an ‘F’).

See the attached Airworthiness Directive for the complete list of affected aircraft and details of the AD.

Photo credit: Cessna