GASC Working Groups

The General Aviation Safety Campaign (GASC) through its Focus Group and Safety Initiative Team has identified a number of items affecting GA safety. Eight (8) of these items have been prioritized and selected as the subject of individual Working Groups. The Terms Of Reference (TOR) for these Working Groups have been defined, COPA and TCCA have canvassed their areas of activity and collected names of individuals interested in collaborating to one or more WG, according to their personal interests and experience. We are initiating the Kick-Off for these WG’s where the TOR’s are sufficiently advanced to support fruitful discussion. These WG do not intend to provide TCCA with a vehicle to further impress regulations on the industry. The primary purpose of these WG is indeed to provide a forum for the industry to entertain a meaningful dialogue with TCCA, and to express to TCCA their perspective on the regulation and other aspects affecting GA and the issues and concerns these regulations generate. We nonetheless count on TCCA participation in these WG’s as their contribution would invaluable. The WG’s are composed of industry and TCCA representatives. An industry representative whenever possible will lead these WG’s.

As the Kick-Off’s are completed for the various WG’s, their individual TOR’s will be posted here. The TOR for all WG’s will follow the same format. The list of WG’s at this time includes: Maintenance, AOA indicators, Voluntary Reporting, Single Pilot Resource Management, Stabilized Approach and Landing, Safety Equipment, Flight Risk Assessment Tool, and Pilot Decision Making. We anticipate some WG’s will added to this list as time goes by and work progresses.

COPA would also appreciate that all our members share this information with all aviators out there, COPA members or not. This is about general aviation and we will all benefit from these initiatives. COPA wants to hear from all aviators out there. Email your feedback to Ensure that you clearly identify which WG your email addresses.

Terms of Reference – Maintenance Working Groups

Terms of Reference – Transport Canada Pilot Decision Making Scenario Working Group

Terms of Reference – Single Pilot Resource Management Working Group

Terms of Reference – Safety Equipment