IAOPA 2020

From June 29 to July 4, 2020 COPA will host general aviation advocates from 79 countries  in Montreal for the 30th annual World Assembly of the International Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (IAOPA). The IAOPA membership includes nearly half a million general aviation pilots worldwide and the organisation’s goals are perfectly in line with COPA’s mission to advance, promote, and preserve our freedom to fly. The announcement was made at the 29th meeting of the IAOPA being held at Queenstown, New Zealand in 2018. “I am excited to relay the news that the delegates at the 29th World Assembly presently in NZ have accepted our invitation and have voted in favour of holding the next meeting in Montreal, June 29–July 4 2020. This is a great opportunity to promote general aviation and COPA/Canada on the world GA stage.”

COPA is the second largest of the 79-member groups behind AOPA in the U.S. The groups are defined as “autonomous, nongovernmental, national general aviation organizations” whose members fit the ICAO definition of general aviation as “all civil aviation operations other than scheduled air services and non-scheduled air transport operations for remuneration or hire.” More details on the meeting will be released in the coming months.