Welcome to GROUNDED, a new web series brought to you by COPA’s youth initiative in partnership with Ottawa’s COPA Flight 8.
This is a series about Canadian flying, and a spot for us to scratch our hangar flying itch during times of social distancing.

Episode 7: Medevac Careers, Wednesday July 29, 2020 at 8pm ET

Episode 7 of GROUNDED, COPA NextGen’s answer to social distancing, will take place Tuesday July 29, 2020 at 8PM ET. Join us for an evening all about the exciting field of medevac flying. Medevac flying is a challenging and rewarding career, as well as a highly respected flight time-building job.

We will be joined by a guest panel featuring four current medevac pilots, from four different companies, flying four different airplanes. Kathleen Legge, who flies for Maritime Air Charter based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is a Medevac captain on the Super King Air 200 as well as a contract Charter Captain on the Gulfstream G100 for NovaJet Aviation Group based in Toronto. She is also the company’s Assistant Chief Pilot, Company Aviation Safety Officer, Marketing Manager, and Director of Flight Operations. Ben Senior is a first officer for Perimeter Aviation on the Metro II based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is a former flight instructor and noted aviation spotter and photographer. Drohn Bhandari, also a former instructor, is a PC-12 First Officer for Ornge flying out of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Our final guest, Marielle Caron, is a King Air 100 Captain based in Timmins, Ontario, who spends her days hand flying off the coast of James Bay for Thunder Airlines.

This series will take place on Zoom. You can stream the episode from a web browser but we recommend downloading the program in order to have access to all features. Due to program limitations we ask that you reserve your spot by by 8:00pm ET the day of the event. Register here!

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