Welcome to GROUNDED, a new web series brought to you by COPA’s New Crew in partnership with Ottawa’s COPA Flight 8.
This is a series about Canadian flying, and a spot for us to scratch our hangar flying itch during times of social distancing.

Episode 9: Aerobatic Display Pilot – Mike Tryggvason
Monday August 24
, 2020 at 8pm ET

Mike has a long history as a member of the aviation community. From his flight training days in both Burlington, Ontario, and Boundary Bay, BC. He has towed gliders, operated as a jump pilot, run a variety of float planes out of Red Lake, as well as flying for regional and international airlines. In his spare time Mike prefers flying international level competitions and performs as an aerobatic display pilot.

Join us as we learn more about the exciting world of aerobatic flying. What can we learn from it as general aviation pilots? Mike is bringing his perspectives on getting started with aerobatics, how it can improve your non-aerobatic flying, and how to best mentally prepare for high stress and training flights. This promises to be a fantastic evening of learning, and fun, for all.

This series takes place on Zoom. You can stream the episode from a web browser but we recommend downloading the program in order to have access to all features. Due to program limitations we ask that you reserve your spot by by 7:00pm ET the day of the event. Register here!

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