Photograph by John Lehmann


COPA Board of Directors – Election 2020

Every two years half of the positions on the COPA Board of Directors are up for election. In 2020 a total of nine positions representing the following regions will need to be elected:

(a) one (1) Director from Newfoundland and Labrador (presently held by Bill Mahoney, who is running again);

(b) two (2) Directors from either Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia or New Brunswick (presently held by Brian Pound and Debbie Brekelmans);

(c) one (1) Directors from Northern Ontario (the area of Ontario with a postal code beginning with “P” – presently held by Lloyd Richards, who is running again);

(d) one (1) Director from Manitoba – presently held by Jim Bell, who is running again;

(e) one (1) Director from Saskatchewan (presently vacant).

(f) two (2) Directors from Alberta – presently held by Bram Tilroe and Larry Biever, neither of whom are running again

Any COPA member in good standing may run for a position in the region in which they live. If you have a passion for personal aviation and feel you have something to contribute to COPA both on the Board and as a regional representative, please consider volunteering for this very important work. The term of office for this election shall commence at the summer Board meeting in June 2020 and continue until the summer Board meeting in 2024.

Nominations for these nine positions are now being accepted until March 30.

Based on the new governance rules for not-for-profit societies, the slate of Directors elected in the regions will be presented to the COPA membership for ratification at the Annual General Meeting on June 23, 2020 in St. Jean, Quebec.


Candidates should:

· have a strong belief in COPA’s mission: To advance, promote, and preserve the Canadian freedom to fly

· have a passion for aviation

· have a high standard of personal ethics

· want to make a lasting contribution to personal aviation

· be able to spend a minimum or 15 days per year on COPA business (at three Board meetings per year and at regional events)

· have ready access to email for Board communications

A list of candidates will be published in the March COPA Flight, along with information about the candidates and instructions on how to vote.

Members will be able to vote online. Alternatively, members will be able to request that a paper ballot be mailed to them.

In order to provide voters with comparative information on candidates, nominees will be requested to complete a candidate questionnaire and a short 200- to 300-word biography, both which are to be submitted with the nomination form together with a high-resolution photo of yourself (file size should be minimum 1 mb) no later than Friday, March 20, 2020, when the nomination period closes.

The forms are available here for download:

Candidate Questionnaire

Nomination Form

Short Biography

Facts to be included in the nominee’s bio:

· Flying experience and currency

· Aircraft ownership, if any

· COPA Flight or flying club affiliations

· What is your main reason for wanting to be a COPA Director?

· What is the single most important skill you feel you can bring to the Board?

Consider who you would like to see representing you on the Board and nominate them today. Or, if you would like to run yourself, find a few members to nominate you. Don’t hesitate. COPA needs good people to pursue its mission.

Questionnaires and nomination forms, together with any accompanying files, should be sent by email no later than March 30, 2020 to David Black, chair of the nominations committee:

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