COPA’s DiscoverGA program allows pilots to give GA flight experiences to new friends of GA and future pilots, with the piece of mind of the same top-up insurance provided to pilots through COPA for Kids. This top up provides an additional $2.5M of liability coverage on top of the pilot’s existing aircraft insurance policy – at no extra cost! To qualify, the pilot must be a current member of COPA, and the flight must be pre-registered using the form below. Pre-registration can be done at any time, right up until takeoff time.

As part of the DiscoverGA program, participating passengers are eligible to receive complimentary access to online Private Pilot groundschool, thanks to our partners at Hangaaar. To enroll, select the applicable box below and provide your passenger’s email address. They will be contacted directly by Hangaaar.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Pilot must be current COPA member and hold valid license and medical
  • Pilot must complete pre-registration prior to takeoff
  • Aircraft requirements:
    • Must be Canadian registered
    • Must carry on board all documentation required by Transport Canada, including proof of required liability insurance coverage and passenger liability (CAR 606.02)
    • Is authorized for carrying passengers in Canada. These aircraft types are:
      • Certified Aircraft, including aeroplanes, helicopters, gliders and balloons (Standard Certificate of Airworthiness)
      • Amateur-built aircraft including aeroplanes, helicopters, gliders, gyroplanes and balloons (Special Certificate of Airworthiness – Amateur-built)
      • Owner-maintenance aircraft (Special Certificate of Airworthiness – Owner-Maintenance)
      • Limited Class aircraft, including warbirds and other limited class aircraft that are approved for passenger-carrying (Special Certificate of Airworthiness – Limited)
      • Advanced ultralights
  • Flights must depart from and land in Canada
  • Not to be used for regular flights with the same passenger
  • Aerobatic maneuvers and other non-standard flying is prohibited
  • For flights with minors, where the pilot is not the parent or legal guardian and the parent or legal guardian is not on board the aircraft during the flight, a copy of the pilot’s current Vulnerable Sector Check must be on file with COPA prior to the flight
  • Pilot is solely responsible for ensuring aircraft and intended flight plan complies with applicable regulations. COPA assumes no responsibility for the aircraft’s airworthiness or the flight’s compliance with applicable regulations.