Why Fly Junior Aviators?

Introducing a young person to their first ride in an aircraft is one
of the most rewarding things you can do while flying.

Flying is not well understood by the public

Taking passengers for a ride in our aircraft is always enjoyable, but taking kids flying whose sole focus and interest is to learn about aviation is an even better experience  for the pilot as well as the passengers.

Most people think of flying as multi-million-dollar jets and airline pilots. Airports to many people are those multi-billion dollar terminals, two-mile-long runways and security checks. They are not aware that most flying in Canada is actually general aviation flying, flown by smaller aircraft for pleasure or on specific missions like medevac, pipeline and transmission line monitoring, surveying, corporate transportation, parts delivery, forest-fire fighting, freight and package delivery.

Many people have never seen the action on the 720 smaller airports and registered aerodromes which are the home to the great majority of our personal aircraft. Parents who come out to a COPA For Kids event, enroll their children in the flying program and watch them enjoy becoming Junior Aviators  are themselves educated, and this helps to counter the often negative image that the media give to personal flying. By taking kids flying in the COPA For Kids structured aviation program, and making them Junior Aviators you are accomplishing at least two things:

  • You are treating yourself to the enjoyment that you felt on your first flight, seen through the eyes of a young person
  • You are building the next generation of pilots and aircraft owners  the young people who become interested in aviation because an older person guided them into the world of aviation through a flight in an aircraft.