Kids age 8-13

Take a Ride, Become a Junior Aviator

You can actually ride in an aircraft up front with the pilot! First, you and your parents or guardian should read through the brochure and complete the waiver and registration forms before your flight. Once the form is complete, take it to your COPA For Kids pilot who will prepare you for your demonstration flight.

What do I have to do to fly?

Your pilot will teach you about the controls, the parts of an aircraft, about the aircraft checks and ways of safely flying and then you will go on a short ride with the pilot where you will be shown how to takeoff, fly along straight and level, and how to land. You will become a Junior Aviator and earn a certificate showing that you learned what flying is all about. You can ask your volunteer pilot as many questions as you like. In doing so, you’ll learn more about aircraft and the principles of flight. That’s all there is to it. It’s really that simple!

To become familiar with the different parts of an aircraft see image below or click here to view a complete version of the brochure.