Kids age 14-17

What do I have to do to fly?

You and your parents or guardian should read through the brochure and complete the waiver and registration forms before your flight. Once the form is complete, take it to your COPA For Kids pilot who will prepare you for your demonstration flight. You can ask your volunteer pilot as many questions as you wish.

Is Flying Safe?

In doing so, you’ll learn more about aircraft and the principles of flight. That’s all there is to it. It’s really that simple!

Millions of people fly safely in aircrafts every year. However, an airport is not a playground.
Listen and follow instructions given by your pilot and follow these simple rules when you are around an aircraft:

  • Stay away from moving aircraft and especially the propellers;
  • Listen carefully for instructions on entering and exiting the aircraft;
  • Do not touch any part of an aircraft inside or outside, without the pilot’s permission;
  • Stay with your pilot or ground crew at all times;
  • Obey the safety instructions given to you in the aircraft by the pilot.

What Will My Flight Be Like?

First of all, your pilot will explain what you will do and see. This may include:

  • Telling you about the aircraft;
  • Reviewing an aeronautical chart and identifying reference points you will look for during the flight;
  • Completing a careful “walk around” preflight inspection of the aircraft and identifying the parts that control the aircraft;
  • Helping you buckle your seat belt and describing the interior of the aircraft, including the instrument panel.

The flight will be conducted according to Canadian Air Regulations. In addition, no aerobatic maneuvers will be performed.

What happens after the flight?

Your pilot will retain a record of the flight and, will register the flight with the COPA Junior Aviator Logbook.

Later you can check the COPA Junior Aviator Logbook to find your name in the book along with many others.

Your next step, Learn to Fly

To become familiar with the different parts of an aircraft see image below or click here to view a complete version of the brochure.