COPA for Kids

COPA For Kids aviation program provides — free of charge — an introduction for Canadian youth into the world of general aviation. To date, the COPA for Kids program has introduced over 23,000 young Canadians to General Aviation.

The COPA For Kids Program is sponsored by AIG Canada, the underwriters for the COPA VIP Gold and VIP Silver Aviation Insurance programs and delivered by our national network of COPA Flights.

COPA Flights and COPA members who wish to fly young people are invited to read the Guide to the COPA For Kids Aviation Program and see the brochure and certificate that is available for download. Waiver Registration form only back to back. Volunteer pilots are also required to undergo a Vulnerable Sector Check through their local police station. Additional details are contained within the Guide.


Volunteer Awards

To highlight the efforts of volunteers, three COPA For Kids awards will be presented annually, sponsored by AIG.

This is your opportunity to nominate someone who has made significant contributions to the overall success of the COPA For Kids program. COPA Flights and individual COPA Members are invited to nominate outstanding COPA For Kids volunteers for the following awards:
• Event Coordinator
• Ground Support Volunteer
• Imagine award (recognizing efforts that go beyond the basic COPA For Kids flight)

Nominations will be accepted anytime but in order to be considered for any particular year they should be submitted by 31 December. Awards will be announced by the end of January. Nomination materials should include detailed descriptions of the accomplishments of the nominee, any relevant background information and letters of recommendation from fellow COPA members.

Nomination form can be found here.

COPA For Kids Logbook Data

Access to logbooks

Flying Adults

COPA Air Meet Insurance is designed to protect COPA and the Flight’s liability and legal defense as organizers of Fly-outs, fly-ins, or any events organized by a COPA Flight. In addition the COPA Air Meet Insurance provides excess (top off) insurance for the COPA For Kids Aviation Program.  However, this “top off” insurance does not apply to introduction flights to adults. Our insurer and COPA expect the COPA Flight will apply due diligence to ensure all pilots participating in a COPA Flight event involving the flying of adults as passengers are in accordance to the CARs and additional minimum recommendations:

  • Current Pilot License or Permit, with passenger carrying privilege, for the aircraft being flown
  • Valid Medical Certificate
  • Transport Canada recency requirements including minimum of five takeoffs and landings within previous six months in category and class of aircraft to be used
  • Aircraft must be Canadian registered
  • All documentation required by Transport Canada on board of aircraft, including proof of public liability insurance and property damage applicable aircraft to be used
  • Aircraft must be authorized for carrying passengers


  • Minimum Combined Single Limit Liability of 1M$, including Passengers


Please send us an email if you have any questions.