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Position Name Phone Email
President and CEO Christine Gervais Ext. 106 cgervais@copanational.org
Vice-President, Operations JC Audet Ext. 110 jcaudet@copanational.org
Vice-President, Finance Tanya Storing Ext. 109 tstoring@copanational.org
Director of Membership Communications Lauren Nagel Ext. 104 lnagel@copanational.org
Reception/ Membership Coordinator Angela Storing Ext. 100 astoring@copanational.org
Publisher/Editor Steve Drinkwater 604-229-1629 steve@copaflight.ca
Display Advertising Katherine Kjaer 250-592-5331 katherine@copaflight.ca
Classified Advertising Roberta Drinkwater 800-656-7598 admin@canadianplanetrade.ca
Webmaster Philippe Lemay philippe@ludostudio.ca
General Inquiries Reception 613-236-4901 copa@copanational.org


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