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75 Albert Street, Suite 903, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5E7
Tel.: 613-236-4901; Fax: 613-236-8646

President and CEO Bernard Gervais Ext. 102
Manager of Government Affairs and Communications Carter Mann Ext. 112
Manager of Operations JC Audet Ext. 111
Manager of Administration Heather McLaren Ext. 110
Finance Manager Tanya Storing Ext. 109
Event Coordinator Tessa Toutant Ext. 107
Receptionist/Membership Coordinator Jessica Papp Ext. 100
Publisher/Editor Russ Niles 250-546-6743
Display Advertising & Administration Katherine Kjaer 250-592-5331
Classified Advertising Maureen Leigh 800-656-7598
General Inquiries