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Aircraft Maintenance

Transponder, altimeter and ELT recertified in the U.S

  • A COPA member wishing to fly his aircraft to the U.S. for maintenance, wrote COPA inquiring if it was legal to get his transponder, altimeter and ELT recertified in the U.S. because he would save a big bundle of cash.

Aircraft marks

  • Did you know that the CARs allow certain aircraft to be re-painted and still keep their old “CF-“ registration, rather than changing it to the new style “C-F” registration.

Aircraft owner responsibilities

  • All aircraft owners have new responsibilities under the CARs. Aircraft owners need to know “who can do what” on their aircraft.

Did You Really Get All Your ADs?

  • Every year as part of preparation for the aircraft’s annual inspection most diligent owners of certified aircraft will go to the TC website and search for the Airworthiness Directives (ADs) that are applicable to their aircraft.

Annual inspections

  • COPA advocated, on behalf of our members, for relief from the rigid regulation concerning annual inspections.

Changing aircraft engines

  • A couple of COPA members have recently found out about an interesting limitation in the CARs.

Handheld Fire Extinguishers

  • Most pilots know that all powered aircraft except ultralights need fire extinguishers.

Helicopter component lives

  • A COPA member who owns a Robinson helicopter recently called in with an interesting question.

IFR GPS installations in Canada

  • A few years ago several COPA members found out that installing an IFR approved GPS, or importing a US aircraft with an IFR GPS in it, is a lot more complex than they had hoped.

Installing Parts

  • Installing parts on your plane is a subject that confuses a lot of people.

Journey logbook requirements

  • It was recently pointed out that some COPA members may not be aware of the requirement for private aircraft owners to “enter the date, air time, operating cycle or landing at which the next scheduled maintenance action is required” in their Journey Logbook.

Replacing Cabin Upholstery

  • A COPA member recently wrote in about replacing the upholstery in his aircraft and wanted to know about the requirements for the fabric used.

Seat belts

  • We occasionally get questions asked about seat belts in aircraft.

Signing for Engine Overhauls

  • Recently several COPA members have asked if an AME can sign for an overhaul on a certified aircraft engine that will be installed on a private aircraft, or does it need to be an AMO (Approved Maintenance Organization)?

Weight and balance reporting

  • A COPA member recently wrote to ask if aircraft owners still have to report all changes of the weight and balance of the aircraft to Transport Canada like we used to.

Who Is Responsible For Aircraft Maintenance?

  • The question of who is responsible for the maintenance of a certified or limited class aircraft is one that comes up frequently in member inquires to COPA.

Who needs a maintenance schedule?

  • If you own any type of aircraft then the answer is – you do!