Unregistered Aerodrome Repository

Unregistered Aerodrome Repository (Responsible Aerodrome Development)


This information below pertains to unregistered aerodromes, in existence prior to January 1st 2017.


Changes to the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) on January 1 2017 have made consultation mandatory before building a new aerodrome or when putting in a new runway or extending one by the greater of 100m or 10% (CARs 307.01 a) and b)) at an existing aerodrome.  It is not applicable to the following aerodromes: military, water (frozen or not), those used primarily for agricultural purposes, those used primarily for helicopter operations and those used temporarily for providing emergency services. These exclusions are spelled out in CARs 307.02.

All existing aerodromes prior to January 1 2017 are not considered “new” and thus do not require consultation to continue operating. It is in the interest of COPA members to gather information proving that their aerodrome (affected by the new regulations) existed and was in operation prior to the new regulations coming into force.

What to do?

We encourage members to send in your aerodrome information (you can use EN – Unregistered Aerodrome Repository TC COPA form.pdf) to Transport Canada (TC) so they have a record of it. Remember that this information is NOT proof of existence of your aerodrome and should you be asked, you will need to substantiate with dated proof.

Take pictures, keep receipts, show a previous entry in the Canada Flight Supplement (CFS), Google Earth, newspaper clippings, anything of that nature that can be linked to an existence before to January 1st 2017.

Sending in your aerodrome information to TC is not part of any regulation and is not mandatory.  This is strictly on a voluntary basis and would only serve to save time in the future, should someone in your area believe your aerodrome falls under the post-January 1 2017 regulations.

Important note

This user-submitted information has not and will not be verified for accuracy by COPA or anyone else. COPA does not accept any responsibility nor will we support anyone making a false declaration.

To submit your information online to Transport Canada and COPA, complete this form: 

Unregistered Aerodrome Repositry

This information is user-submitted and has not been verified for accuracy by COPA. COPA assumes no liability for the accuracy or currency of the information enclosed herein.
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Submissions made using the above form are automatically sent to Transport Canada. No further action is required on your part.

For those wishing to submit by mail, fill out this paper form and send to the addresses below:

Transport Canada COPA
michel.beland@tc.gc.ca aerodrome@copanational.org
Michel Béland

Director Policy and Regulatory Services

Transport Canada

330 Sparks Street

Ottawa, Ontario  K1A 0N5


COPA Aerodrome

75 Albert, suite 903

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