COPA Neil J Armstrong Scholarship Application

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COPA Neil J. Armstrong Scholarship Application 2020

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    ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA FOR AB-INITIO SCHOLARSHIP: Qualified recipients shall be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants not less than 15 years of age on the date of application and not more than 21 years of age. They will be assessed on the following basis: - A demonstrated interest in aviation as a career or a strong interest in general aviation in Canada; - A proven self-starter, willing to earn their way; - Reasonable academic skills as demonstrated by scholastic record; - Participation and demonstrated contributions to their community; - Financial need. Applicants for the Ab-Initio Scholarship must not: 1) At the time of application, been granted any pilot privileges including: Private Pilots License, Recreational Pilot License, Ultra Light Pilot Permit or Soaring / Glider License. (Applicants may be the holder of a student pilot permit), and have not completed more than 10 hours of flight training. 2) At the time of application, have received or been awarded any other flight training scholarship(s), including flight training through the Canadian Air Cadet program or any other program.