By Peter Campbell, COPA, Director External Relations

Last week, we at COPA advised our members that changes had come to the way that registered aerodromes attest that their aerodromes can meet the requirements for the design of Instrument Approach Procedures (IAPs) as defined in AC 301-001. Version 3 was redefining the IAP design standards to align Canada with ICAO and FAA guidelines.

When we wrote about the consequences of having an Instrument Procedure or IAP move from the public CAP to the restricted CAP (RCAP) I provided incorrect advice regarding who could use the RCAP IAP. We did not take into account the wording in CARs 101.01 definition for Instrument Procedures.

A big thank you to those who brought this oversight to our attention. The definition in CARs 101.01 declares that pilots who are operating under CARs 406, 604 or the 700 series CAN use these RCAP approaches. Pilots who are not operating under these parts of the air regulations are NOT authorized to use an RCAP procedure unless it is an urgent or emergency situation (for which a CADORS must be filed). COPA is concerned that many IAPs will no longer be available to GA pilots. We have expressed this concern with Transport Canada and will be submitting a recommendation.

(Photo: Adobestock)