Content provided by Jean-Pierre Bonin. Photo by Glen Bruno Bradley, Captain (President) of COPA Flight 146.

It looks like under-the-wing camping (aerocamping) will be trending this summer. Jean-Pierre Bonin’s Aerocamping Directory now contains information on 50 aerocamping-friendly aerodromes across Canada.

Let him know of your, non-listed, favorite airport/aerodrome/runway to go camping by sending him the site along with name and coordinates (phone / email) of the person in charge so the directory may continue to grow.

Go to and scroll down to see the updated information and new aerodromes added since February 2021. You will also find links for tips and tricks about aero camping. The link to the directory itself is of course indicated as well as to Google maps where you can see if there are sites along you planned trip.

Please contribute to this project by submitting feedback or new suggestions by writing to Jean-Pierre Bonin at or

If you go to a site after seeing it in the directory, please mention it to the aerodrome owner or manager.