Story and photo by Jean-Pierre Bonin

In the August 2020 edition of COPA Flight, I announced the creation of a database to highlight under-the-wing-camping-friendly-airports. I use the term Aerocamping to simplify things. This directory has been slowly growing and now lists 45 airports in nine provinces. The count of airports by Canadian region are as follows: West Coast 3; Prairies 9; Ontario-Quebec 28; and Atlantic 5.

Many thanks to pilots reaching out to me to either get the new link to the directory or to suggest airports to be added.

In terms of adding your Aerocamping airport, I would greatly appreciate you letting me know the name of the owner or the manager with an email address so I can send them the appropriate documents to fill out, with the ultimate goal of providing better information will be accessible to pilots.

Topics in the directory are mainly camping/tourism oriented, so please be sure to get the complete aviation related info before planning a flight. Also, as a general rule, it is best to contact the airport to inquire about the camping conditions and to have updated COVID restrictions in 2021.

View the Aerocamping directory.

You can also see where all the Canadian airports, listed in the directory, are Aerocamping map.

Please visit my page for contact information.