Call it what you will, but the question COPA asked in the newsletter on this topic definitely caught a lot of attention. This could certainly not qualify as a survey in more ways than one. A typical COPA survey normally generates a few answers. This question generated more than 100 answers, an overwhelming response on the part of our members. I dare say that in this respect, this question was most certainly not a survey – it was way better than any survey COPA has ever done. The extent of feedback and information received indicates that there is significant interest right across the country in the idea of a Light IFR for private pilots and, at this point, we do not perceive the need for a formal survey.

Many of the favourable responses indicated valid points and concerns with the deployment of the concept; these will all make part of the final report. Only six respondents were not in favour of such an idea. It is worth noting that all claimed to be highly experienced and expressed what they considered serious issues, primarily with conditions at destination, separation of VFR/IFR traffic en route and communications issues. COPA notes at this point that these perceived issues are in fact wholly applicable to flying VFR Over The Top (OTT). All these elements will be discussed as appropriate at a later date.

COPA previously stated that a report would be forthcoming by the end of summer for review and discussion with concerned groups and institutions in the GA community before presenting a proposal to TCCA. The feedback from the community has been such that we decided to share this early information with our membership pending the issue of a final position report from COPA.

At this point, COPA is confident that we will present a favourable proposal to TCCA on this concept in due course. All members are advised that it is still possible to send us feedback for inclusion in our discussions.