eFlight readers will recall our coverage of the Cirrus SR-20 that crash-landed at Toronto’s Buttonville airport (CYKZ) last March. This week the Transportation Safety Board released its report (A19O0028) into the accident.

The report is limited to a summary of what occurred, with no anomalies reported or recommendations resulting from the investigation.

The TSB investigators reported that a commercially licensed pilot with no recent experience, and little time on type, rented the Cirrus SR-20, registration C-FACJ, for the purposes of building time. He also hired a Class 1 instructor (who was also an accredited Transport Canada Pilot Examiner) to accompany him.

On the day of the accident, winds were light and variable. After taking off from Runway 33 to perform circuits, the aircraft bounced on its first landing attempt and full power was then added to go around. However, the SR-20 dropped abruptly on the runway surface. When the nose was raised again, the tail struck the runway surface and the aircraft became airborne again. The SR-20 then contacted the ground a third time, with the outer right flap hinge and right wheel touching down on the ground alongside the runway. The aircraft continued out of control, through a fence and over a roadway (16 Ave.) before impacting terrain on the other side.

No-one was injured.

The complete report can be reviewed by clicking here.