Aviation Day on the Hill – the importance of GA
On May 7th, an “Aviation Day on the Hill” is assembling all of the Ottawa aviation-minded
associations to meet, greet and lobby elected officials and their staff, anyone who has
any interest in Canadian aviation and its benefits to our workforce and economy. The
common theme that got us together for the day was how we are all working at
addressing the pilot shortage. Each association has taken an approach on how it can be
done and we at COPA have presented the importance of general aviation, our people
and local community airports, as the breeding ground for the all of aviation in Canada.
Everyone out there wherever you are, that is a message you can put across to anyone
you meet: the importance of these community and local aerodromes, that’s where
everything starts. Whether it’s the thrill of flight through initiation (COPA for Kids /
Youth), flight schools or anything else, that’s where it starts: GA airports, with GA aircraft
that represent over 90% of all aircraft in the country on the civil registry. And if you recall
our 2017 Economic Impact Study (available on our website), every GA aircraft out there
represents a total of just over one full-time equivalent job. This means that if you see ten
aircraft parked at your local airport, you can tell yourself that on average, they represent
about 11 jobs for the community. The whole GA industry puts $9.3billion into the
Canadian economy.
Director of Operations Position
He’s been with us for a couple of years and he’s certainly left his mark with COPA and
with many of you, as he has probably done everywhere else he has worked. Jean Claude (JC) Audet has helped us provide compelling membership value and pursue our
mission, but now it is time for him to take a well-earned retirement where there is more
sunshine, after a long career around the world and at an age when most have already
been retired for a decade if not more. In the meantime, our calm, collect and wise
Director of Operations is helping use look for the proper replacement and someone who
can fill his shoes. JC will accompany the person for the next few months until at around
the end of the year. In the next few weeks, you will see a more detailed job offer for the
position outlining the specifics. If anyone interested in advancing, promoting and
preserving the Canadian freedom to fly from within the Ottawa office, I would invite you
to give us a call (613 236-4901) and talk to us or send us a copy of your resume. The
basic requirements are an extensive knowledge of aviation, the CARs and a deep desire
to serve our 16,000 “customers” (preferably in both official languages) with their wide
range of enquiries and questions. It’s your chance to influence the future of GA in the