by Lauren Nagel

The 2019 Members’ Choice Airport Restaurant Contest is now upon us, and with a twist. This year, members will again be rewarded for visiting the participating restaurants with the chance to win a free COPA hat. Print and bring the airport restaurant BINGO board and collect stamps from the participating restaurants. Once you get a full line, send in your card to Lauren Nagel (and don’t forget to yell BINGO!). The staff at the restaurants will be expecting you.


  1. Print the BINGO board for your area using the PDF documents below.
  2. Visit restaurants on the board and collect stamps from the staff.
  3. Vote for your favourite restaurants here.
  4. Once you have visited a full line of restaurants, send a photo of your stamped BINGO card to Lauren Nagel to receive your free COPA hat.
East Canada BINGO Board
Western Canada BINGO Board