Time to invest in yourself – Get back to the basics

Every spring, I give the same free advice: best to invest in yourself than in any other
gizmo you might want to purchase for your plane and the busy flying season coming up.
How so? Find yourself an experienced instructor, one that’s got some seat-of-the pants
flying experience and just go out there. Go VFR and get back to some stick-and-rudder
flying without worrying about precision or numbers and just feel the aircraft. Strap it on to
your back and try not to look at the instruments and just fly with that instructor. Slips,
slides, slow flight perhaps aerobatics, just do it.

On not losing situational awareness by depending on systems, do yourself a favour and
find the short clip “Children of the Magenta Line” on internet. I would make this
mandatory watching for any pilot, at any level. See what you learn from it. A gem!

Local COPA Chapters (called Flights)

A bit odd to have to mention this, but it seems that not every member knows that there
are over two-hundred COPA chapters out there, or what they consist of. These chapters,
called COPA Flights, promote COPA, represent their members as a body to the bigger
organization and represent general aviation in their local areas by conducting
promotional, educational, social and other activities. COPA Flights are our pillars on the
ground, the conduit through which we have two-way communication with our members.
Every once in a while, we send out a package to the chapter presidents (called Flight
Captains) to get some dialogue going with their members and bring the message back
to us. In a way, it is with their help that we shape our future. The latest example was how
some Flight Captains were polled or interviewed for our strategic planning exercise.
Look up your local Flight on our website or give us a call.
As we started in 2017, we will be moving around the country to visit some of these
Flights for more dialogue.

This is YOUR magazine

We get great feedback telling us how much you enjoy the magazine over the previous
medium. Want to make it even better? Contribute! We rely on you our members, our
aviation colleagues, our friends and anyone that can contribute to this communication
tool, to provide stories and articles that others would surely enjoy. No, we do not have
journalists nor do have reporters – but we do have 16,000 members across the country!
Why not send something in to our Editor steve@copaflight.ca.

Air Venture

Once again, we will be at Air Venture 2019 (in Oshkosh, Wisconsin) July 22 to 29 at the
International Federal Pavilion, promoting Flying in Canada and meeting with hundreds of
Canadian pilots. We will also hold our popular Canadian party on Tuesday July 23rd
thanks to Magnes, AIG and McLarens, where all Canadian pilots are invited to gather
around in a fun and informal setting. There will be many door prizes, food and drinks for
everyone to enjoy.