Mid-Winter: Time to Catch Up.

Days are short, you may get a little less flying done but there is much you can do in front of a screen on those cold winter nights. Recall how you should be aware of the latest information for your flights? Here is a little refresher of where you can find it.

The Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM), published by Transport Canada

Don’t want to sound too old here, but this used to be called the AIP (P-Publication) and it used to be mailed, with only pages containing updates in the mailed package. It was a great way of being aware of what had changed since the previous issue and the system is still similar. If you haven’t looked at it since your ground school (!), I suggest you download a copy and start going through the changes since the last version, which are clearly identified in a specific section and highlighted in blue where they are in the book. Try it. You’ll quickly be going through more sections than you thought you would. Download every six months and repeat. Look for TP14371E on the web.

Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC), published by Nav Canada.

If you recall receiving the AIP/AIM updates in the mail, they also came with a bunch of AICs. Still today, these provide advance notification of major changes to legislation, regulations, procedures or purely administrative matters where the text is not part of the AIM or AIP Canada (ICAO). But they are of interest and you should, at least once in a while, go through them and see which ones apply to you or your area of the country. There are presently 50 active ones, have a look. Go to https://tinyurl.com/yaq6p7ym.

VFR Phraseology Guide, published by Nav Canada

This is a must for every pilot in the country. At least as a refresher or to brush up on skills you be less unfamiliar with. It contains all the necessary information for safe and efficient communications, to iron out the creases that may have formed over the years. What’s a quick and efficient way of giving a position report? Check out page 34 of the guide. It’s that simple. No need to tell your life story. Go to https://tinyurl.com/hv3on3o

Aviation Safety Newsletter (ASL), published by TC

Does everyone know that the ASL from TC is still out there? For the younger ones, do you know of this publication? It is in electronic format only so you can read it on any tablet, just about anywhere. It always contains a series of interesting articles from various sources, on different subjects, sometimes quite in depth. It was and still is, specifically aimed at general aviation safety and thus serves our community very well, especially in our partnership with TC in the General Aviation Safety Campaign. Look for www.tc.gc.ca/asl

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