Chateau Montebello is now accepting reservations at the special COPA discount rate for those attending Canada’s ‘Best Winter Fly-In’.

Next year’s event is being held from January 25 to 27, just eight weeks from now. Book now to ensure accommodation for this annual event.

The world’s largest log cabin, Fairmont’s Chateau Montebello is located right in the heart of the scenic village of Montebello, Quebec, located on the banks of the Ottawa River. Being situated in Quebec and happening in mid-winter, we know the river will be frozen over, providing attendees the opportunity to land right in front of the hotel. In the world of cold-weather aviation, it doesn’t get much better than that. Drive-in attendees and sledders are welcome too, of course.

Among the available activities will be winter flying and safety seminars, fireside socials and dog-sledding.

Canada’s premier winter fly-in is at Montebello: Register now.