By Dave McElroy

Chairman, COPA Board of Directors

The COPA board continues to evolve. Our members will recall that four of our directors retired last June: Phil Englishman and Cheryl Marek of Ontario, Jean Messier of Quebec and Joe Hessenger of BC-Yukon. At that time, six new directors joined the board: two from BC-Yukon (David Black and me), three from Ontario (Kevin Elwood, Doug Ronan and Clark Morawetz), and one from Quebec (Matthieu Delorme).

Subsequent to our AGM, Brian Chappell has written to advise his decision to resign from the COPA board. Brian has served COPA with distinction and longevity. He has been a director of COPA for 33 years and has sat on, and chaired, most COPA committees. He has been an ardent supporter of COPA and its mission, and a high-profile representative of our organization in the Maritime provinces. So, we will miss Brian, and I have wished him well as he goes on to other priorities. Fortunately, he intends to stay active as a member and we will continue to see him at COPA events.

Many of you will have seen my column in the October issue of our COPA Flight magazine. If so, you will know that we just completed a full weekend seminar of the COPA board and staff. I am happy to report that this rather gruelling 48-hour retreat went extremely well. It served to fully integrate our six new directors (including me) with the incumbents – and our staff – and to align us in our respective roles in the service of our members and general aviation across Canada.

I will continue to keep you advised of the board’s thinking, and plans, as we roll up our sleeves and get on with strengthening and expanding COPA’s capabilities: capabilities to Advance, Promote and Preserve the Canadian Freedom to Fly. That’s what we’re about.