Upcoming this fall

Working with the Aviation Caucus

Earlier this summer I had the opportunity to lunch with a few aviators and aviation-friendly Members of Parliament (MP) either past or active pilots, but all with a profound passion for aviation. I had also invited some colleagues for the other national associations here in Ottawa. Amongst other subjects, we discussed the pilot shortage issue, the importance of GA as the major feeder system to all, the necessity and importance of local aerodromes and we looked at the broader picture of aviation in Canada.  The highlight from that lunch meeting was that we were informed that an all-party Aviation Caucus, co-chaired by Conservative MP Jim Eglinski and Liberal MP Stephen Fuhr, was seeing the light. Just as we need to work closely with our policy-makers to best fulfill our mission, these same people through the Caucus are turning to us, industry, for input and guidance in order to achieve their work. The good thing is that the members of the Caucus ARE aviators above all we will speak the same language. We look forward to working with them this fall. You can read about the caucus here https://tinyurl.com/yb864q5f

Reflections on Air Venture 2018 (Oshkosh)

From last July 23rd to July 29th, COPA was alongside Transport Canada and NAV Canada at Oshkosh, the biggest general aviation gathering in the world. We were there to promote the General Aviation Safety Campaign but also to be a sort of  “one-stop-shop-for-flying-in-Canada”, while at our booth in the International Federal Pavilion. One big take-away for NAV Canada that they are bringing back to HQ is that pilots want weather in the cockpit, if there should ever be an ADS-B mandate for GA. That message was really, really clear, from the users themselves. We can conclude that our Canadian presence was immensely popular because all the right folks were there on the premises. It is noteworthy that even though we were outside of Canada, we met with more members and influencers than we usually could in that amount of time anywhere else. You can read more details further in the magazine.

Future COPA events and conventions

As I wrote last December, we will be holding yearly east and west conventions and trade-shows, so there will always be something in your part of the country every year. On top of the yearly Montebello (QC) winter event late January.

I feel I need to clarify how the process works since we have changed it from the past years. We no longer wait for someone to say they are interested or want to host a convention. An event coordination team sends out request for proposals (RFP) to municipalities and tourism boards able to put on these events, and perhaps those saying they are interested, based on criteria clearly outlined in the document. Once the RFPs are received, they are carefully looked at and weighted by the event coordination team to pick the best venue. Mark your calendars for Montebello, June 7-9 for Innisfail (AB) and Aug. 23-25 for Cornwall (ON).