One of B.C.’s busiest ultralight-oriented airports will be closed by October. The owner of the land in Surrey on which King George Airpark has operated for 36 years announced earlier this week that he’s not renewing the lease with the operator. The property will be planted in blueberries. The facility is home to about 40 aircraft and a busy ultralight flight school. The operators of the airport are now looking for another location. Since the airport is privately owned, there is nothing that can be done legally to prevent the owner from changing the use of the land but COPA is engaged in opposing the unannounced closure of Barkerville Airport in central B.C.

Barkerville is owned by the provincial government’s Heritage Branch, which also operates the nearby historic site. It was closed in mid-February and the only notice was a NOTAM. Barkerville has a paved 2700 x 40-ft. runway and was open to the public and staffed daily. As part of COPA’s ceaseless efforts to maintain Canada’s aviation infrastucture, it commissioned a study quantifying the economic impact of general aviation airports.