April 29, 2021

Elena Vasileva, talented new aviation artist


Text by Jean-Pierre Bonin in collaboration with Elena Vasileva
Drawings by Elena Vasileva, photos by Benoit de Mulder and Elena Vasileva

It’s not everyday you come across a talented aviation artist and certainly rare you meet someone new to the field. So it is my pleasure to introduce you to Elena Vasileva.

An architect by trade, Elena finds interest in the technical details aviation topics brings for her drawings and paintings. Benoit de Mulder, her husband and aviation historian, writes aviation monographies illustrated by Elena. She thus produced illustrations depicting the Supermarine Spitfire RR Merlin engine and she is also doing some on the Curtiss-Reid Rambler currently in the Montreal Aviation Museum in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue.

Here is some of her work showing the versatility and creativity she shows in her creations.
 Seems I was the first to commission a drawing from her (Olivier Lacombe’s Harvard Mk 4 on take-off) but she has been busy lately and no doubt you will come across more of her work in the future. See https://elenavasileva.art/ for more.