April 2, 2020

Dustin Wilkes


I am currently somewhat new to the General Aviation Industry.  A Private Pilot having completed my PPL in 2017 (PPL 449867), received my night rating in 2018 and in 2019, achieved my IFR rating.  I started training in 172’s at Springbank Air Training College in Calgary, purchased my first Aircraft (a 2002 Cessna 182T); which I used to get my IFR rating at the Calgary Flying Club.  I then changed out the instruments of the 182 for state of the art technology, and have since upgraded to a 2009 Cirrus SR22TN.  As a pilot with just over 250 hours, I am starting to log more and more time in my Cirrus as my personal minimums begin to increase.  As of this date, I also hold approximately 12 hours in a Rotorcraft on a path to achieve my Private Helicopter License.  I am a COPA member and a member of the Calgary Flying Club.  I also own my own Hangar at CYBW. 

As a relatively young person (35), a Businessman and a General Aviation Enthusiast, I believe I can bring plethora of different perspectives to the table in assisting the General Aviation Communities.  General Aviation is not an easy thing to be involved in, and I would like to make it a much more inclusive hobby to everyone.  Also, as an aircraft owner, Transport Canada regulations impact us all, and I would very much like to be on the front lines to advance COPA and its objectives through these times (eg. ADS-B Mandate).