August 15, 2019

Drug-Dropping Drones Target of BC’s Jailers


B.C. Corrections, the government agency that runs British Columbia’s provincial jails, has identified the illicit delivery of contraband by drones to their 10 prison compounds as a potential security threat.

In addition to illegal drugs, cellphones and other miscellaneous contraband items are finding their way into prisons using this novel means of transport. The agency says it is not yet “a significant concern”, but is monitoring the situation. In an email to the Victoria Times-Colonist, an agency spokesperson wrote, “To this end, B.C. Corrections is currently consulting with security advisers on drone detection options.”

The agency cited security concerns when asked for specific instances of drone-delivered contraband. It admitted, however, that it is interested in technology that can detect drones operating in close proximity to their facilities.

At the federal level, the Correction Service of Canada has budgeted $6 million for a three-year pilot program dedicated to the detection of drones. Forty-three prisons and jails make up the number of federal facilities.