August 19, 2020

Drones Continue to Make News



In another feel-good story about communities benefiting from modern drone technology, deliveries of personal protective equipment and COVID-19 testing supplies are now set to begin with Vaughan, Ontario-based Drone Delivery Canada sending this vital equipment to the isolated community of Georgina Island located in Lake Simcoe, Ont.

“At the beginning of the pandemic we had a total lockdown of the community,” said First Nation councillor William McCue. “We tend to wait maybe three weeks or more before we go into the various phases that the province implements.” McCue added that there is potential for deliveries of vital supplies like insulin and groceries should the initial service prove successful. The program, described in a previous version of eFlight, is being funded by the Government of Canada.

Law Enforcement

The Moose Jaw Police Service has added three drones to their fleet of law enforcement vehicles, and a total of four officers have become, or are in training to become, drone pilots. The Saskatchewan municipal force operates a DJI Mavic Mini for training, a Mavic Dual for quick deployment and a DJI M300 RTK for complex operations requiring a high-definition zoom camera and thermal imaging, among other advanced features.

Constable Todd Booth first obtained his Basic Certificate from Transport Canada in August of 2019 and followed with his Advanced Certificate last March.

Law Breaking

Kingston, Ontario’s Joyceville Correctional Centre has again been the site of illegal drone activities as a drone containing contraband was recovered from the facility’s grounds. Contraband items including almost 130 rams of marijuana, over 10 grams of fentanyl and almost 43 grams of crystal meth were recovered on the evening of August 12. Also included in the failed smuggling attempt were cigarettes, a cellphone and its charger. Authorities placed a street value of $14,416 on the intercepted items.

Image credit: DJI