Preparing for your first flight
While each of our local chapters known as COPA Flights will have different approaches to organizing their Discover Aviation events, typically, they will have a registration process to prepare a schedule for their pilots and their aircraft. Event organizers may ask for details such as preferred flight times, any health issues a pilot may need to know in case of an emergency and for each passengers weight. Each aircraft has a maximum allowable gross weight and the pilot is responsible for determining weight and balance ahead of each flight to ensure the machine is properly loaded.

Our local COPA members will provide you a preflight safety briefing to share important information on the aircraft and to help keep your big first flight safe.

Please note: a consent waiver must be completed by the future pilot (or if they are minors by their parent/guardian). 

Safety reminders
Millions of people fly safely in airplanes every year. However, an airport is not a playground. Listen and follow instructions given by your pilot and follow these simple rules when you are around an airplane:

  • Stay away from propellers
  • Listen carefully for instructions on entering and exiting the airplane
  • Do not touch any part of an airplane without the pilot’s permission
  • Stay with your pilot of ground crew during your scheduled flight time at all times

What will your first flight be like?
First, your pilot will explain what you will do and see. This may include:

  • Telling you about the aircraft
  • Reviewing an aeronautical chart and/or identifying reference points you will look for during your flight
  • Completing a careful walk around preflight inspection of the aircraft and identifying parts that control the aircraft
  • Helping you buckle your seat belt and describing the interior of the airplane, including the instrument panel

Free training and tools for after your flight
Discover Aviation discovery flights come with free online ground school through Hangaaar as well as access to Infinite Flight Pro, the most comprehensive flight simulator experience on mobile devices, whether you are a curious novice or a decorated pilot. 

Discover Aviation Safety Briefing Video
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