April 2, 2020

Debbie Brekelmans


I currently own and operate Sable Aviation, an Air Taxi (Part 703) operation, and fly a BN2A Britten-Norman Islander to Sable Island, NS year round, both IFR and VFR, where I land on the sandy expanse of the south beach.  Because I am both Operations Manager and Chief Pilot, I have extensive experience in developing training programs, promoting safety, and encouraging professional development, both in myself and others.  I have an ATPL and over 8200 hours flight time, and am a member of the Truro Flying Club and COPA Flight 188. 

Due to the small size of my business, I have had to learn to do it all, and feel that my broad range of experience in this regard would be an asset to the COPA Board.  Also, I am greatly concerned with the trend in General Aviation over the last few years – not only with regard to the financial challenges, as the cost of flying and aircraft ownership becomes less accessible to the general public, but more importantly, with GA’s overall safety record, as preventable accidents continue to occur.  I would very much like to participate with COPA in fostering not only the growth of GA, but in its overall improvement, by encouraging the honing of pilot decision making skills, and seeking to make CFIT accidents a thing of the past. 

I feel that my familiarity with the CARs and in dealing with various departments of Transport Canada would be helpful in forwarding COPA’s agenda to promote the freedom to fly.  But more than that, I like to think that my love and enthusiasm towards grass roots aviation might be an encouragement to others.