September 6, 2018

CubCrafters’ XCub Obtains Canadian Certification


Yakima, Washington-based aircraft manufacturer CubCrafters, makers of airplanes inspired by the venerable Piper Cub series, announced this week that Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) has granted certification to its latest model, the 180-hp XCub. Deliveries to Canada of both its land and seaplane versions can begin immediately.

The XCub was granted FAA certification in 2016, and last April obtained European certification.  Japanese certification was also obtained this week.

“XCub is finding an ever-larger audience in international markets,” said Brad Damm, CubCrafters’ vice president of sales and marketing. “The increasing list of approvals for the XCub from international aviation authorities is an important part of our plan to expand the market reach of the CubCrafters product line. With delivery commitments for new XCubs now on five of seven continents, there is worldwide interest in the utility, safety and best-in-class STOL performance that our aircraft offer.”

Added CubCrafters’ president Pat Horgan, “These approvals of the XCub Type Certificate are proof of exceptional effort and cooperation between TCCA, JCAB, FAA, and CubCrafters.”

In addition to fully-certified airplanes, CubCrafters also offers models in the LSA and kit-built categories.

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