August 25, 2022

CubCrafters debuts new engine for experimental Carbon Cub aircraft

Jon Robinson

CubCrafters is introducing a new lightweight engine, CC363i F/P, for the Carbon Cub. The new engine is a fixed pitch version of the larger displacement 186 HP fuel injected constant speed prop engine first introduced by CubCrafters in 2017.

Back in 2009, the original Carbon Cub debuted with what the company describes as a power to weight ratio that was superior to any previous backcountry airplane in its class. CubCrafters continues to explain this was in large part due to a new light weight 180 HP engine, the CC340, that was developed at CubCrafters. The company explains that the power of that engine, in a sub-1000 lb backcountry airplane, gave pilots new short takeoff and landing (STOL) performance.

For the CC340, CubCrafters started with a standard Lycoming 0-320 engine chassis, but reduced the weight of the engine by more than 50 lbs, while also increasing its output from 150 to 180 horsepower. The original CC340 features a fixed pitch propeller, is carbureted, and has a high compression ratio to boost its horsepower. While innovative for its time,

The new CC363i F/P engine offers several advantages over the CC340, including the fact that it is fuel injected instead of carbureted, which allows for simpler operation overall and eliminates the safety concern of carburetor ice during low power operations.

Another advantage of the new engine, explains CubCrafters, is that the new higher displacement lower compression ratio engine develops almost five per cent more horsepower than the CC340, while also being able to use a wider range of fuels. The company expects that the new engine will be better able to tolerate Autogas and the next generation of aviation fuels than similar higher compression ratio engines.

In addition to the typical fixed pitch wood/composite propellers previously offered with the CC340, the new engine can optionally be fitted with newer ground adjustable propellers, such that pilots can quickly optimize the aircraft for climb or cruise missions without having to change to a completely different propeller. When equipped with the same propeller, the installed weight of the new CC363i F/P engine is only 7 lbs heavier then the CC340.

(Photo: CubCrafters)