March 27, 2020

COPA’s Response to Pandemic


It’s almost impossible to keep up with all the news and the pace at which things are moving.

Ontario and Quebec have ordered all non-essential businesses and places closed, which some people are tempted to extend to airports and aerodromes. They should not! Both provinces have clearly spelled out that all airports, aviation repair and fuel distribution installations as essential. See here for Ontario and here for Quebec. It would be wise for us to travel responsibly and do our part not to spread the virus, which is why we encourage you to follow the guidelines from Canada Border Services Agency we found on Twitter. As you will see in one of the eFlight articles, we know of one airport (Trail, B.C.) whose operator has decided to essentially close it for the time being, requiring a 24-hour notice for permission to land (PPR), while some others are now asking for similar or shorter PPRs to minimize interactions.

COPA is participating, along with other associations, in discussions with Transport Canada (TC) who are doing their best to alleviate the impacts on industry. We applaud their understanding and collaboration while trying to navigate through the different jurisdictions. Some exemptions were put in place, others are to follow. You can read these changes by going to the page dedicated to TC initiatives regarding COVID-19.

As we get more news, we will keep informed through email blast or eFlight. Though COPA staff is working remotely (and everyone is fine), you can still reach all of us as you did before through email or phone.